To apply:

Send your CV and a 2-3 minute video entry responding to 4 of the following questions to by Sunday March 29th 2020 COB.



1.     Describe a meaningful commitment that you’ve made to the Sydney Jewish community. What was the commitment, how did you go about it and what motivated you to do so?

2.     What do you think you are currently lacking in your life (professionally, personally or spiritually)?

3.     What is the biggest decision you’ve had to make since leaving school? Why was it such a big deal?

4.     What makes you the ideal candidate for the Moriah Brownstone Jewish Leadership Program?

5.     What project or initiative do you think the Sydney Jewish community could most benefit from?

6.     What qualities do you have that make you a leader?

7.     Which book have you read that has made the most impact on you? Why was it so powerful?

8.     Is there any individual who has had a significant influence on your life, who are they are how did they influence you?

9.     Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10.   If there was one thing that you could be remembered for, what would you choose?

11.   Why do you think it is important for young adults to explore their Jewish identity?

12.   What is the most meaningful Jewish experience you have had to date?

13.   What are 3 of your life goals?

14.   Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

15.   In a group setting, what role do you tend to play?





Am I eligible to apply?

If you are a Moriah graduate who is currently studying, with a passion to learn and inspire others, you are eligible to apply.

Where will I be staying in NYC?

You will be staying at the The Brownstone building, located at 224 East 12 Street, New York, NY 10003 in Manhattan's East Village. More information about the building can be found at


How long is the program?

The program is 3-weeks long and will take place from January 19th to February 9th 2021.


How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program is $2,600 USD, plus flights.
Please note that this cost is dependant on the number of participants.  

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, please email for further details.


What will I be doing?

The program has three main components:

1. Jewish educational programming

The Jewish educational component involves seminars, presentations and interactive group-based discussions which will address key issues associated with Jewish philosophy and topics of contemporary significance, including the interaction of Jewish ethics, public policy, business and finance.

2. Leadership Training

In addition to the valuable internship placement, the program includes a seminar series bringing participants face-to-face with high-profile figures from the banking and finance world, politicians, policy-makers, Jewish educators and communal leaders.

3. Internship

Participants will be placed in a variety of companies as related to their individual areas of interest and study. Internships will take place for the duration of the program in working hours. It is important to note that participants are welcome to arrange their own placements (approved by the program's team), ensuring the organisation agrees to adhere to The Brownstone's program requirements.


What do we do on Shabbat?

Two of the three Shabbatot will be spent together in different NYC Jewish communities. One Shabbat is free however optional programming will be provided. This is one of the highlights of the program as the students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in NYC's various and diverse Jewish communities.

Can I fly to New York City before the program and stay on later?

You sure can! Travel arrangements are made individually, you just have to ensure you are in New York City for the full duration of the program.


What is my commitment pre and post program?

Participants are required to attend five compulsory pre program sessions. We expect that as a participant of the program, you will be an ambassador of the Moriah community and upon your return, assist in driving young adult engagement initiatives within the broader community. Additionally, each participant will choose an initiative to be involved with as part of the compulsory giveback scheme.